AGP’s Profession

We are the creators of electric power tools for concrete and stone-working industry. Our technological expertise starts from the motor, the heart of a power tool. From design, to sourcing, to manufacturing, as your power tools supplier, we transform ideas into working products for various industries. Innovating for better and more practical use, creating key advantages for success.

Our Products

Powerful and versatile, AGP Europe’s construction power tools consist of diamond core drill motors, diamond sawing tools and concrete grinderswall chasers and vacuum cleaners. We offer solutions to various industry professionals, including professional drilling, sawing, and grinding companies, as well as local contractors. We are also a brushless motor manufacturer, offering customized solutions. Get to know products like our drilling motor DM52D and our drywall sander SB9 today!

Our Services


We select qualified and knowledgeable dealers. Whether you need new products or tool servicing, our dealers can provide knowledgeable and expert solutions.

Repair & Maintenance

After-sale satisfaction is an essential, we are highly responsive to make sure you receive accurate diagnosis and repair. AGP dealers can repair and maintain tools quickly and without errors, so you can focus on what is important!


AGP provides training to our dealers so they can recommend the best AGP solutions for you and ensure an accurate product after-sales service.


AGP offers up to 12 months of limited warranty on power products and accessories.

About AGP Brand

We Constantly Strive for Excellence

With passion and dedication, we create innovations on power tools and motor technologies. Through listening to client challenges, we develop products that meet diverse needs. From pre-sales to after-sales, we are dedicated to support you throughout. With efficient and user-friendly products, we support everyday workers to produce the best results.

We Commit to Building A Better Society

Impacting the society for the better is one of the reasons AGP company exist. Through valuing long-lasting partnerships with stakeholders and creating friendly and open-minded workplaces for our employees, we are committed to making a better society. By actively give back to our community each year through charity events and local educational projects, we keep in mind that empowering your work and enabling people for a better quality of life is what keeps AGP progressing.

Our History

In 1989, AGP started as a 2-person family company producing small power tools for the Taiwanese market. With the years of dedication and the constant expansion to new markets, we have grown to be an international organization with over 180 skilled employees. AGP Taiwan serves as the design and manufacturing center for global markets. Since 2017, the sales and distribution of AGP products in the European market are organized by AGP Europe, located in Erpe Mere, Belgium.



In October 1988, company founder David Hsieh founded Lee Yeong Industrial Co., LLC. with 1 million NTD in capital and two employees. The production began with electric drill and was marketed on the domestic market.


Due to surging market demand, capital increased to 12 million NTD. AGP acquired the production plant in the Douliu Industrial Zone to improve productivity. The product lines expanded to 17 categories.


A 4000 square meters building lot opened and output increased by more than 20%.


In 2009 Capital increased to 124 million NTD. To integrate and improve production efficiency, AGP acquired a 36,000 square meter building lot in the Yunlin Technology Industrial Park and all new production plant was built.


AGP opened AGP Europe located in Erpe Mere, Belgium

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